Highly experienced, professional after build cleaners

After build cleaning Tameside and Manchester

Class Cleaning Services understand the importance of deadlines. We also understand how important your project is and how much work you have put in to get it right. You have put your all into the project including your name and now it’s all down to the contract cleaners to do you proud and help show off your fantastic work.

We take pride in every single job we do and when it comes to doing ourselves and a customer proud we never fail. All our work is methodical and is also done in the safest manner possible. We have strict health and safety guidelines protecting your business as well as ours.

What's included?

  • Remove all dirt, dust and debris from the entire property.
  • Remove all labels, tape, stickers and protective covering from all windows and frames and doors where necessary, from smoke alarms, cupboards and kitchen appliances, from bathroom sanitary ware and showers and from anywhere else where required.
  • Remove all plaster/paint from windows and frames, light fittings, sockets and switches, radiators and anywhere else where required and without causing damage.
  • Vacuum/clean all floors.
  • Deep clean all windows, frames and doors to a high standard.
  • Deep clean all kitchen cupboards and drawers inside and out to a high standard and any other fixtures, check appliances inside and out in case of marks that may need cleaning.
  • Deep clean all and entire bathrooms to a high standard
  • Deep clean the whole property throughout
  • Clean and buff any stainless, glass and high gloss ensuring the entire property is gleaming.

Sparkle Cleans Tameside and Manchester

Sparkle cleans and showroom cleans as and when required